Trojan Deep-Cycle AGM

Trojan Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are ideally suited for heavy duty cycling applications that require non-spillable batteries or for backup power.

  1. 12-AGM
    Excl. VAT: R4,278.31 Incl. VAT: R4,920.06
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  2. 31-AGM
    Excl. VAT: R3,908.58 Incl. VAT: R4,494.87
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  3. SAGM 06 220
    SAGM 06 220
    Excl. VAT: R3,782.42 Incl. VAT: R4,349.78

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  1. SAGM 06 375
    SAGM 06 375
    Excl. VAT: R6,620.35 Incl. VAT: R7,613.40

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  2. SAGM_12_205
    SAGM 12 205
    Excl. VAT: R7,278.30 Incl. VAT: R8,370.05
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  3. SAGM 08 165
    SAGM 08 165
    Excl. VAT: R3,730.71 Incl. VAT: R4,290.32

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