The Dixon Way

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Modern Technology:


At DIXON Batteries, we’re committed to an on-going policy of technological improvement. By using only the latest technology, we continue to ensure that we remain competitive in the local market and that our battery assembly technology is of world class standard.


Local Content:

DIXON Batteries are a proudly South African product. An average motorcar battery contains in excess of 85 components, in acess 90% of a DIXON Battery is made from local components.

Our Warranty

DIXON Batteries are warranted against failure through faulty workmanship or materials for a period as specified on our Warranty Policy, from date of purchase.The battery will be repaired or replaced "free of charge" if it becomes defective within the warranty period. The warranty does NOT cover neglect, abuse, overcharging or undercharing due to a faulty electrical system. Neither does it cover fitting a battery below the capacity specified in our official and published recommendation, our battery finder app on the Dixon Batteries website, or vehicle manufacturer specifications as original equipment. The use of battery dopes renders the warranty null and void. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any consequential damage caused directly or indirectly by possible failure or defect of the battery.

Dixon Batteries offers South African customers an option of registering their Dixon Battery for maintenance and replacement notification services, at no cost to the customer. In order to qualify for the notification services, customers must register their Dixon Battery on our website or via our mobile app. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Kind Regards

Dixon Management

Quality Control


From the outset, we realised that a locally manufactured battery could only succeed if exceptionally high quality standards were maintained. We set our products and our level of service to the highest of standards.

Here at DIXON Batteries, quality control forms an integral part of our manufacturing process. We use the most up-to-date equipment and well trained experienced staff to manufacture batteries that are ISO 9001: 2015 accredited by AfriCert. Our batteries have a performance and lifespan that will stand proud against any of our competitors.